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FREE Learning Recovery of the precious metals GOLD & SILVER :

This Site provides the complete details about the content of GOLD present in E-Wastes such as    CPU, Motherboards, SIM cards etc. Also SILVER content present in X-RAY Films, Fixer-Solution, Button Cells etc. It also provides the details of chemicals used for the recovery purpose by which it will be easy for you to recover the precious metals and make it as a Part time / Full time income. 

Electronic appliances are composed of thousands of different materials that can be both toxic but also of high economic value. While bulk materials such as iron, aluminium, plastics and glass account for over 80 weight %, valuable materials are found in smaller quantities but are still of high importance. Gold, Silver, copper, platinum etc. are just some of the valuable substances which turn recycling of e-waste into a lucrative business opportunity. 

CAUTION: E-wastes contains Dangerous/ hazardous toxic gas which harms human body in a very critical way. So unless you have a proper knowledge about the chemicals or the proper chemistry background, then 
do not get into E-waste recycling.  

Business based around the recycling of electronics is getting increasingly lucrative. Many European recycling firms have calculated this & have profited from recent high prices for metal. Still, the cost of working with the recycled metal has an impact on profits. And most of the electronic devices have not yet made it as far as recycling is concerned.

In India all the E-wastes are collected and dumped in Delhi, From there it is exported to America at very low scrap price by which they recover all precious metals through machinery and gets profited.
Meanwhile gold, silver and palladium are rarely recycled in Europe. Experts predict major growth in many countries, expecting the amount of electronic rubbish in China and South Africa to quadruple.
In Africa the scrap metal is taken apart, mostly by hand. But still a large proportion is left behind -- for instance, around three quarters of the gold. Cancer-causing heavy metals are released into the atmosphere and thousands of people, including the many children who earn a living in those countries working as rubbish collectors, breathe in the toxic fumes. The groundwater and the surrounding earth itself are also contaminated.

Now it is INDIAN Government’s turn to take some necessary steps to Stop E-Wastes from getting dumped and resulting in Landfill, By installing necessary large scale machinery to recover the precious metals, so that India will not even grow economically but also by minimizing landfill, it can result in Healthy Environment.