From Photo Bleach


Note: Information and process recovery details are mentioned by doing research on related field to the best of our knowledge.

So, request to all is to be cautious during the recovery since you are dealing with all type of basic as well as hazardous chemicals. So you will be held responsible if the method goes wrong. So take care when you proceed.

Chemicals used:

1.      Caustic Soda
2.      Sodium Sulphide


1) Determine gm/lit of Photo Bleach using Silver Estimation Paper (Litmus paper).

2) Take 5 lit. Photo Bleach and to it add 50grams of sodium sulphide (Na2S) and then take 50 grams of caustic soda (Noah) and mix with 500ml of water and then add the mixture to photo bleach solution.

4) We get black residue at bottom due to reaction and the solution at the top becomes yellow in color. Filter the solution and retain the black residue. Dry the residue using filter paper. Get it melted and molded into SILVER bricks by Goldsmith. While melting we can use Borax / Na2CO3 / CaCO3 etc. In this way shiny silver metal is recovered from black silver residue.