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Note: Information and process recovery details are mentioned by doing research on related field to the best of our knowledge.

So, request to all is to be cautious during the recovery since you are dealing with all type of basic as well as hazardous chemicals. So you will be held responsible if the method goes wrong. So take care when you proceed.

1 kg SIM cards may have approx 1.75 grams of pure gold. 
Now, if successfully collect one million SIM cards used, we can hope to get 1,000 grams or one kilogram pure gold. And if we can analyze a mobile phone used, the more gold, silver and copper that we can get.

10 Lakh (1 million) SIM Cards = 1 Kg Pure GOLD

10,000 SIM Cards = 10g Pure GOLD

1,000 SIM Cards = 1g Pure GOLD